The Alternative Consulting Firm

Mid-Market Consulting Solutions That Break the Mold.

Let’s be honest. Management consulting firms have a bad rap – and sometimes deservingly so.  When we think of traditional consulting, high-cost “experts” giving advice in areas they may or may not really know comes to mind. A lot of talk and very little action.

We’ve been there, and we knew there had to be a better way.

We decided enough was enough and started creating comprehensive consulting solutions to truly meet the needs of the mid-market and deliver real results.

Client-First Consulting

We are not your typical consultants – we are experienced operators and business leaders that have chosen to consult. After years of frustration hiring management consulting firms that would show up with their senior team to sell, send a junior team to consult, and leave behind a recycled strategy that was impossible to implement, we knew that it was time for something different.

We created Empirical Consulting Solutions (ECS) with a promise to serve the client first. That means gaining a holistic understanding of your unique challenges and goals, supporting you through customized strategy and complete execution, and being flexible enough to pivot when your needs change. We always strive to see the bigger picture and offer a different level of discussion than those run-of-the-mill consulting firms.

With a full suite of services across most areas of business, including Marketing, CRM Integration, Operations, Finance, Sales Effectiveness, Human Resources, and Talent Acquisition, we tailor our consulting services to meet your exact needs.

Our team of seasoned specialists are experts in their craft (and are really nice, to boot!). They are ready to jump in whenever you need them and always looking for opportunities to create meaningful change that drives results. Our broad range of talent and functional expertise across disciplines help us uncover operational efficiencies that streamline and scale your business.

As strategic thinkers and experienced operators, we love to challenge our own thinking, always working to achieve better results. We are ready and willing to pivot and adjust our strategy when we find ways to make improvements. We believe that when we do better, you do better.

Unlike some of our competition, we never try to force-feed you a strategy or a team that you don’t need. We listen to your pain points and goals and match you with custom consulting solutions that will upskill your team and energize your business. We do whatever it takes, and we’re not happy until you see results.

 Consulting Solutions That Do More

You can’t create effective consulting solutions without a deep and intimate understanding of a business’ immediate needs, pain points, challenges, and long-term goals. So, when we created ECS, the first thing we did was really listen to our clients to discover what was important to them. We found that clients wanted not just strategy, but resources, delivery and, ultimately, execution. Some needed this across all areas of business; some just needed a la carte options. What became evident was that they all needed services that were comprehensive and agile enough to meet their needs, implement achievable solutions and realize real results.

By actively listening to our clients, we defined our core business promise to provide the best consulting solutions to the mid-market with the value, flexibility, and, above all, results needed to grow and scale. Solutions that truly deliver on:

  • Direction
    From ideation to execution, we provide a focused and complete plan to get you to where you want to go. We start by meeting you where you are today, so you can realize concrete results now. Our forward-thinking consulting team develops achievable strategies and a realistic timeline to grow and scale your business. We don’t promise the world and underdeliver. Quite the opposite – we are practical and pragmatic in everything we do, so you can see value quickly and know that we’ve got your back for the long term.
  • Time
    Our clients often have great ideas, but don’t have the time or resources to move them forward. They need a partner that doesn’t get mired in the day-to-day and helps them execute. Someone who shares ideas, knowledge, and subject-matter expertise. Someone who can not only provide insights, but also has the capability to implement them.
    Enter Empirical Consulting Solutions. We develop a streamlined scope that works for you, with the services and people you need – no unnecessary fluff or redundancies to inflate the numbers. We do the work, on time and on budget.
  • Execution
    As Thomas Edison said, “Vision without execution is hallucination.”  Proper strategy is key to success, but without the backing to execute, it’s worthless. We offer more than just PowerPoint presentations and aspirational jargon. Our consulting strategies always include a plan to execute. We create a game plan that works for you, whether it’s upskilling your team, finding new talent, integrating a CRM, or creating marketing collateral that gets your brand noticed, our actionable execution will have a lasting and meaningful impact on your business.
  • Results
    Results are key to everything – that’s why we measure everything we do. Our consulting team has the tools and talent to find the best course of action for your success.  Using KPIs, benchmarks, and standards, we rely on data and real human experience to evaluate ongoing success. If something isn’t working, we adjust and correct it, it’s that simple.

Outcomes with Impact

When you partner with us, you become a part of the ECS family. It’s never just “another project” for us. We work with you as one team and use our collective expertise and energy to crush your business goals.

Our approach is different from other management consulting firms. By offering more than strategy and advice, we do the hard work to help grow your business.  With industry expertise and a deep understanding of your business, we collaborate closely with you to develop integrated solutions that identify the largest opportunities for you to achieve long-term success. And our hands-on approach to services like marketing, talent acquisition and CRM integration gets the job done, so you get real results, not just reports, to keep your business moving forward.

Our clients have learned first-hand what working with ECS can do for their business. Together, we have boosted brand awareness, driven record sales, increased operational efficiency, upskilled teams, filled hard-to-find roles, retained employees, and, in general, created meaningful consulting solutions that deliver incredible results.  Our clients expect us to execute, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. At the end of the day, that’s how we judge success for ECS.

Want to learn more about how we can help?  Reach out – we’d love to get to know you and your company and discuss custom consulting solutions that make your business better.  Email the ECS team at or give us a call at 610-994-1139.