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November 13th (7:30-10AM): ECS presents its next workshop in Berwyn, PA: Maximize the Value of Your Company.
Do you know what your company is worth? Do you know the steps you can take to increase its value to the outside world? A company that has maximized its value will, quite simply, operate in a way that drives profitability well into the future. A company that is run efficiently and effectively across all functional areas is desirable to the outside world.
Details and event registration here.


ECS is named to the Philadelphia100® and is identified as one of the 100 fastest growing, privately-held entrepreneurial companies in the Greater Philadelphia region (September 2019): read full press release here.



ECS Managing Partner Jason Fisher joined Al Cini and Joe Asumendi as guests on the CEO Chat 
(RVN-TV, February 2019):

ECS Managing Partner Bill Morrow joined Mike Riley, CEO of Riley Sales, on the Growing Greater Philadelphia Podcast & Radio Program (1210-WPHT, January 2019).  Listen to the podcast here.

ECS Marketing Director Laurel Cavalluzzo Interview on RVN-TV
Laurel was a guest of Al Cini and Joe Asumendi on CEO Chat (December 2018). Find out how growing up on a farm prepares one for the business world, hear discussion about the difference about sales and marketing, and find out nuggets of wisdom related to marketing and business transformation:

ECS Marketing Director Laurel Cavalluzzo Interview on RVN-TV
Laurel was a guest of Mark Iorio on Rainmakers Roundup (November 2018) – she shares info about the “ECS difference”, how ECS works with clients to transform business, plus discusses how marketing integrates with other functional areas:

ECS Partner Hilary Norris Interview on RVN-TV
Hilary was a guest of Al Cini and Joe Asumendi on CEO Chat (September 2018) – she shares info about CFO, M&As, doing business overseas (including in Asia) – plus touches on growing a business and ensuring it is profitable:

ECS Managing Partner Bill Morrow Interview on RVN-TV
Bill was a guest of Charley Timmins on What’s Your Story (September 2018) – and it was all about stories!

ECS Partner Hilary Norris on Business Transformers Radio
Hilary discusses how a CFO approaches revenue growth – and what do CFOs REALLY think about sales people? Listen to the program here.
(July 2018)

ECS Managing Partner Bill Morrow Interview on RVN-TV
Bill was interviewed by Ashley Owens on Connect for Success (June 2018) with discussion on networking and sales leadership: 

ECS Managing Partner Bill Morrow appeared on Executive Leaders Radio.
Discussion included ways businesses can power their profitability, and the ECS philosophy of “Business Transformation”.  (May 2018)

ECS Managing Partner Bill Morrow Interview on RVN-TV
Bill was interviewed by Al Cini and Joe Asumendi on CEO Chat (March 2018), with lively conversation about Business Transformation:


May, June, and July 2019:  Bill Morrow and Margo Michel presented on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) at private events in the Greater Philadelphia area.






Panel discussion with AA-ISP Philadelphia Chapter: How Inside Sales Can Leverage Marketing to Optimize Results.
(January 2019, with Bill Morrow)






ECS’s Workshop: Finance for the Non-Financial Manager.
(November 2018, with Hilary Norris and Jason Fisher)


Presentation at the 27th Annual Garden State Council-SHRM Conference in Atlantic City, NJ: Problem Solving-Business Approach to HR Operations. (October 2018, with Laura Schlessinger).

ECS’s Workshop: Build a Winning Sales Formula With Customer Segmentation and Stratification.
(September 2018, with Chris Lee and Bill Morrow)


ECS’s Jason Fisher and Karen Butz participated in a panel discussion in Valley Forge, PA: PA Medical Marijuana: Trials, Tribulations and Taxes (July 2018). Sponsored by IMA Mid-Atlantic.






ECS Performance Management Workshop: 
Is Your Performance Management Process Stuck in a Rut?
(June 2018, with Jason Fisher and Karen Butz)






Presentation for The Advisory Panel:  How Customer Segmentation and Stratification Accelerates a Company’s Growth and Profitability.
(May 2018, with Chris Lee)

Webinar: Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana & Business: Trials, Tribulations & Taxes

(May 2018, with Karen Butz – webinar available here)

ECS Sales & Marketing Alignment Workshop: Change Direction of your Performance Management Process and Power Business Growth
(March 2018, with Bill Morrow and Laurel Cavalluzzo)






ECS Millennial Workshop: Are You Millennial-Ready? Get the Tools to Decode Millennials.
(November 2017, with Chris Lee and Suzanne Kaplan)






ECS Culture Workshop: Build a High Performing Culture that Unlocks your Competitive Advantage

(September 2017, with Chris Lee and Steve Van Valin)