Top 5 Marketing Myths – With the Truth Revealed

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There are marketing myths galore out in the world today. Sometimes a myth begins as an incorrect assumption that someone makes, and it never gets corrected …. other times a myth will grow from a well-meaning but non-qualified person who has an affinity for providing “advice” (we use that term loosely here).

Wherever these myths develop, one of our responsibilities as business advisors is to ensure the truth is told. In the list below, we share five of the top misconceptions that we come across on a regular basis – with some reasoning as to why each myth is just that: not true.

1. Any marketing is better than no marketing at all.
Remember the saying, ‘if you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all’? We all heard this as a child, and were reminded that it is better to stay quiet and NOT utter harmful or hurtful words, which can bring forth much damage.

The same concept applies to marketing.  BAD marketing can damage your brand, your reputation. It can confuse customers and make them turn to a competitor. So, if you aren’t sure how to market correctly, wait until you have a professional, strategic direction. This was you ensure you won’t do more harm than good.

2. A website isn’t as important as it once was.
While there are some rumblings and questions from business owners asking if a website is still needed for a business – the answer is the website is still essential for your business. It truly is the centerpiece of all communications for any company. Communications tools like LinkedIn profiles or other social media channels are excellent additions to your website (if they will reach your target audience, that is).  

But without a website, your business is not even legit.

3. A marketing plan/roadmap must be big and complex….and likely is very expensive.
Thankfully for business owners everywhere, this is not at all true. But yes, in case you were wondering, you do need a marketing roadmap to guide your business successfully from point A to point B.

However, as long and you have strategically thought through what marketing tactics to use to reach your intended audience, to position your company and employees as experts, and to inspire an intended call-to-action, the plan can be short and succinct, and can be built within a tight (but thoughtful) budget.

4. Great marketing costs a ton.
It can…. but it sure doesn’t have to. See #3 above, where the reality is, if you build your marketing plan thoughtfully and strategically, it can be done cost-effectively.  

And there really is no other way to run a business other than in a cost-effective way, is there?

5. I don’t need a database, as email is dead. Direct mail is dead.
No, these are all very much alive, and may be an excellent way to reach your target audience. Any data you have on your customers, clients, prospects, etc. can all be put to excellent use.  So, depending on your business, these might be the very ways you need to get your message out there. (As a side note: your database is absolutely one of your biggest assets. Not sure if you are extracting the full value from yours? We can help.)

There are many other marketing myths out there, but we hope that this list of 5 gets you thinking more about the marketing efforts you use with your own business. Do you have questions about what you are currently doing with communications, and how you can take it to the next level? Do you wonder if some of your marketing assumptions are in fact myths?

The ECS team is happy to share more insight about marketing – our team has several professionals well-seasoned on the topic who can help with your questions, both big and small.

Laurel Cavalluzzo is a Strategic Marketing Specialist at Empirical Consulting Solution and has more than two decades of experience working with companies across a wide range of industries build strong marketing foundations and plans. She is here to assess your current marketing situation and ensure you build a solid plan moving forward.

Laurel can chat further about any questions you have, and is happy to learn more about your particular situation; the ECS team might be the fresh set of eyes you need to look at your company in a new light.

Connect with Laurel or any other member of the ECS team at or (610) 994-1139.