What can Groot teach us about sales?

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I am Groot.  – Groot

If you haven’t noticed, the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise is cleaning up at the box office with over $1.5B in total ticket sales.  The movies revolve around a group of ragtag space criminals, which come together to fight a super villain set to take over the world.  The same movie plot of all super-hero movies.  Arguably, one of the most interesting characters is Groot (voiced by Vin Diesel) – a character that says three words… I am Groot.

What could Groot possibly teach us about sales?  He says only three words!  But look a little deeper, and Groot will teach you some of the key fundamentals of sales.

Deliver a clear message

Although limited to 3 words, he powerfully delivers his message.  Whether mad, happy or confused, Groot leaves no doubt on where he stands by the inflection in his words and body language.

Often, we work tirelessly on the perfect pitch or those magic words that will get the sales done.  And we forget about conveying our passion and using our body language to convey the message.  Keep your communication simple and straightforward and leave no doubt on what you’re saying.

Trust your instincts

You’ve been there.  In the middle of a sales call or even on a cold call, you’ve got to decide on how to proceed.  Don’t freeze, trust yourself.  You didn’t get to where you are by accident; you have a skill set, now use it!

In vol.2, Groot (now Baby Groot), finds himself with an atomic bomb and series of switches he needs to remember to destroy the villain (see it HERE).  Does he panic?  Call his boss for next steps?  No time for that, he decides.

You won’t always get it right

Groot notoriously makes mistakes.  At times, he frustrates the other members of the Guardians as he either brings them wrong items for missions or doesn’t exactly follow directions.

What you don’t see, is Groot being tough on himself or questioning why he didn’t get it right the first time.  He spends his time in the present and planning for the future, not worrying about the past.  It’s not to say Groot – nor you – shouldn’t learn from the past, just don’t dwell there.  It’s OK to make mistakes; it’s all part of learning.

While I’m sure Groot wouldn’t make a great sales trainer, we can learn from him.  Although limited in vocabulary, his message is undeniable.

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