The Top 5 Reasons Why Your Recruiting Efforts are Unsuccessful

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Picture this…it’s late Friday afternoon, and you are just about to head out on a much-anticipated weekend.  The phone rings, and it’s a frantic manager ranting in your ear, “Annie Sue just resigned.  I NEED someone in that role.  It is a TOP priority.   Can you find someone in the next two weeks?”  We can probably all relate to this scenario.  I know I can.  Whether it’s due to turnover or a growth position, finding talent in today’s marketplace can be a daunting task.  In fact, according to ManPower Group, 40% of global employers’ report talent shortages.  So, is it possible to find great talent in today’s marketplace? You betcha, but only if you don’t fall into these five common missteps:

  • You don’t know what you are looking for: Many times the first question asked is, “Do you have a job description?” And while this information can be helpful, a position opening can be a perfect time to reevaluate the role and the type of skills and experience that are needed.  Has the role changed or grown over time?  Can you use this as an opportunity to upgrade talent? Dig in and make sure you understand exactly what you are looking for in a candidate.
  • You don’t have a strategy or an established process: What will you do if you post to job boards and don’t receive the candidate flow you need?  Should you utilize a Recruiter?  Take the time at the start of the recruiting process to detail your overall recruiting strategy.   You can utilize a tiered or simultaneous approach.  Ensure that all stakeholders understand their role in the process and what the expectations are.
  • You post and pray: According to JobVite, only 14.9% of hires result from postings on job boards.  Sure, both the free and not so free job posting boards serve a purpose and can pull in candidate traffic, but they only touch active job seekers.  And since according to LinkedIn, 90% of global professionals are interested in hearing about job opportunities, while only 1/3 of them are actively seeking, you need to consider more proactive sources.  Which leads me to number 4….
  • You don’t utilize all the tools available to you: Don’t have an employee referral program?  Create one.  According to Jobvite, 39.9% of hires come from employee referrals.  Not using social media to advertise?   Start immediately.  The Muse states that 62% of job seekers expect to find open positions on LinkedIn. And I could go on and on.  The number of candidate sources is immeasurable in today’s technological landscape.
  • You don’t drive the process: Once you utilize steps 1-4 and you have a basket of qualified candidates, be sure that no one gets lost or that the process drags on too long.  Be a driving force and work to move candidates through whatever hiring steps are needed.  Being proactive will speak volumes to candidates regarding their value to the organization and ensures a positive candidate experience.

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