Power your company’s profitability and growth.

Are you challenged to find the right people, processes, or technology to accomplish your goals?

Business leaders turn to ECS to guide them to the right path for success. As a group of seasoned functional experts, we work alongside your team to make lasting and meaningful advancements that align with your goals.

Learn about ourAPPROACH
  • Fresh

    Uncover not only what and where the pain points are with an organization, but also expose the underlying cause.

  • CXO

    Add experienced talent to key functional areas of your organization for the amount of time you need - from a few hours each week to many days each month.

  • Fractional Support

    Fulfill a crucial strategic role, such as CFO, COO, CMO, or even CEO, for a defined period of time with a top-notch, dedicated expert.

  • Business Transformation

    Develop clear, concise, and scalable road maps for improvement, and implement solutions that transform a business to its full profitability potential.

  • Accelerate Growth

    Assess current structure and personnel, identify barriers to success and implement the tactics of a strategy for growth.