ECS announces partnership with PRIMA

ECS Announces Partnership with PRIMA

March 3, 2022 – Narberth, PA – ECS is proud to announce a partnership with PRIMA (Philadelphia Regional Integrated Medicine Alliance) and Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern Pennsylvania to support biotech entrepreneurship in the Philadelphia area.

More specifically, ECS will provide tech entrepreneurs with access to best-in-class offerings in Marketing, Sales Effectiveness, CRM Integration, Operations, Finance, Human Resources, and Talent Acquisition.

PRIMA has recognized the need for a regional, integrated and virtual public/private partnership focused exclusively on nurturing the region’s biotech/pharma technology ecosystem. PRIMA links discovery, infrastructure, information and analysis systems, and commercialization resources to enable startups, large companies, universities, hospitals, and other nonprofit organizations and regional life science stakeholders to collaborate to accelerate technology innovation and reduce barriers to commercialization.

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