Known For:

Tim Kaney

Associate, Marketing

Tim crafts integrated marketing programs that fit the needs of B2B and B2C organizations with a focus on industry-leading, educational, and engaging content.

Employing both creative and analytical skills to shore up an organization’s foundation, Tim optimizes data tracking and helps organizations meet an audience when and where they are looking for a solution. Tim puts a focus on long-term success over short-term gains and always strives to influence a world-class Customer Experience journey.

Extensive expertise in:

  • Educational, relevant, engaging content
  • Integrated digital, and social media marketing
  • Event planning, coordination, and sponsorship management
  • Email marketing and outreach campaigns
  • Association and industry publication campaigns

Tim has been working on his marketing, design, and artistic skills for over a decade in the corporate and freelance worlds. He has seen marketing and business from many unique angles and offers insights into unconventional problem solving; he distills effective marketing from the sometimes vague and unknown.

Tim has helped entrepreneur-owned and private equity firms implement and ramp up successful marketing programs, customer data collection processes, persona definition projects, product launches, and rebranding efforts. He holds a degree in Graphic Design and Art and has supplemented that experience with self-initiated education via eCornell, Udemy, Coursera, and UW-Parkside.