Known For:

Critical and strategic thinking

Complex problem-solving


Driving change

Transparency and candor

Jason Fisher

Managing Partner

Jason is a seasoned leader, utilizing 20+ years of leadership, execution, and change management experience as an entrepreneur and from Fortune 500 organizations.

With experience across various industries, Jason brings a multidisciplinary perspective to his clients, which enables him to challenge the status quo and generate positive change.

Extensive expertise in:

  • Operational strategy
  • Change management
  • Customer success
  • M&A integrations
  • Project management
  • Human resources
  • Talent acquisiton

Before Empirical, Jason served in various leadership roles in multinational companies in the medical devices, professional services, and hospitality industries, where he led large teams and P&L centers.

Beyond work, Jason is committed to serving the non-profit community, volunteering with Compass Pro Bono, and leading nine-month projects for non-profit organizations in strategic alignment and marketing.

Jason earned a business degree from Temple University and holds certificates in leadership / critical thinking from the Wharton School of Continuing Education Program and holds a Kaizen Leader certificate from BMS.