Bill Morrow

Known For:

Cross-functional integration

Being a change agent

Problem solving and creative thinking

Highly effective sales processes

Bill Morrow

Managing Partner

Bill brings 20+ years of cross-functional senior leadership experience in various industries to his clients.

Bill’s ability to identify paths around obstacles, build actionable solutions, and move a company positively forward to new growth sets him apart from his peers.

Extensive expertise in:

  • Sales process improvement
  • Strategic marketing and sales go-to-market planning
  • Pre-acquisition due diligence in both sales and marketing
  • Sales and marketing technology platforms
  • Lead generation programs
  • Branding redevelopment
  • Compensation analysis and creation

Prior to joining Empirical, Bill served as VP of Sales and Marketing at large multinational companies where he was responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in new sales generation. His experience includes running large sales teams and marketing budgets while developing strategic plans that delivered year-after-year double-digit growth.

Bill is a graduate of Western Michigan University where he earned a BS in Biology.