Pipedrive is the CRM platform of choice

Do you have a strong CRM – customer relationship management system – in place? If not, find out more about Pipedrive.

The Empirical CRM solution by Pipedrive includes:

• Full assessment of your needs
• Project team led by a sales and business expert – not a software tech
• Written plan developed to document your unique sales process
• System customized for your business needs
• Training included for all users
• Packages that meet your budget

Empirical makes it EASY and delivers a complete CRM solution.
• Visually driven
• Easy/efficient data entry
• Free mobile app
• Simple and intuitive interface
• Easy-to-implement customization
• Email synchronization option
• Powerful system interface allows end-to-end integration with marketing tools
• Very affordable monthly subscriptions

Watch this short video clip with Pipedrive’s James Campbell, Senior Product Marketing Manager, who explains some of the newer features of the unique Pipedrive CRM technology and platform that helps a team develop and deliver real leads – plus an impressive ROI! Pipedrive is an important tool for marketers, as the features and capabilities enable marketers to become more effective in their work.


Empirical is a Pipedrive strategic partner.

Find out more about CRM systems by connecting with Bill Morrow on LinkedIn, via email (bmorrow@thinkempirical.com) or by phone at (610) 310-6707.