Margo’s Journey to ECS

Margo Michel

Margo Michel joined ECS earlier this year, and has been asked how she came to be a part of the team.  Here, she shares her story in her own words.

Some background information: over the past 20+ years, Margo has accumulated considerable CRM (customer relationship management) experience working for startups and small, high growth companies.  She has seen time and time again how a well-designed CRM contributes to a company’s success, and how a poorly designed one limits it.

I first became aware of ECS when a friend’s company, Intersect Energy, was considering whether to hire ECS to design and implement their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

Intersect was impressed with ECS’s approach, but wanted to get an outside opinion.  My friend asked me to meet with Bill Morrow, one of ECS’s managing partners, and I was happy to oblige.

I will admit that I went to that meeting with a healthy dose of skepticism.  My experience with CRM consultants over the years has been pretty consistent with one predictable outcome: their promises of delivering a user-friendly, robust CRM fall short.  By the end of my meeting with Bill, there was not an ounce of skepticism left.

What was the difference? Bill didn’t take the typical “features-oriented” route.  Instead, he explained that ECS’s approach to CRM design begins with a thorough understanding of a company’s sales process.  By focusing first on the process, the technology naturally enhances and supports the selling effort and the “tail-wagging-the-dog” syndrome that is so common with many CRMs out there is avoided.

As Bill walked me through the rest of ECS’s design process, his “keep-it-simple-so-it-will-be-used” philosophy shone through. Amen. I knew I had found a kindred spirit (at least CRM-wise).

Bill and I spent the remainder of that initial meeting with our CRM-geek hats on. It was great.

Shortly after that meeting, I got a call from Bill asking if I’d be interested in joining the ECS team. Based on the fact that I had clicked with Bill and his philosophy, and since I truly appreciate ECS’s approach to solving business problems, it was very easy for me to say yes.

But my decision went beyond the fact that I believed there was a good fit.  I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to join a consulting firm that is willing to get dirty hands in order to identify and understand clients’ issues, and to not only come up with effective and practical solutions but to also then stick with them through implementation.

And here I am today, one of the newer members of ECS.  I work with the different members of the ECS team – very often with Bill – to develop the best sales processes and ensure that the sales technology utilized within a company drives the desired business results. While we work across a wide range of industries and there is never a dull day, the one constant is that we ensure that solid foundational sales elements and principles are in place.

My fulfilling journey with ECS continues.

Want to chat with Margo about all things CRM? (As you now know, she does not mind doing so!)  Have questions, challenges, or opportunities with your organization’s sales process? Drop her a note and find a time to have a fulfilling sales and CRM discussion.

Margo Michel – Sales & Operations Process Specialist – reach her at or connect with Margo on LinkedIn.