Human Resources

It’s a facet of business that will never change. People are at the core of all organizations.

Getting the right people in your organization is always the challenge. And in today's multi-generational and gig economy marketplace, recruiting new talent that meets your needs and fits your culture has become more difficult than ever.

One can put a dollar figure on some key areas of HR.  You already know that a wrong hire can cost you tens of thousands of dollars in lost productivity. But did you know that replacing mid to high-level employees can cost between 150% to 400% of their annual salary? (per ERE Media)

ECS is known for its top-tier recruiting capabilities, both for full-time talent as well as fractional support.

We recently unveiled our new “recruiting by the hour” approach for entry- to mid-level talent – read more about why our clients are so excited about this option.

We also have the ability to locate top “CXO” talent, for shorter- as well as longer-term engagements – all you need to do is substitute the “X” for a functional area such as finance, sales, marketing, or even ‘executive’.

Our starting place is often a “Fresh Eyes” HR Assessment, to evaluate your talent, validate your pain points, and make recommendations on ways to accelerate growth through your people.

From here, the sky is the limit for the type of HR planning and implementation we do for clients.

Our ultimate goal is to find the right HR structure and the best talent for your organization.

Read an ECS HR case study on recruiting.

Read an ECS HR case study with a business transformation focus.

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