Highlights from the Empirical KPI Panel Discussion

Are you tapping into analytics to shape the direction of your business strategy and the activities where you should focus to drive future growth?

The truth is many companies do not successfully tap into analytics or recognize KPIs (key performance indicators) as an incredibly powerful tool. The secret of successful businesses is ensuring important metrics are tracked, and actions are taken as needed to right the course of an organization.

Our panel of business leaders came together to discuss how to leverage analytics for growth in the year ahead (especially since managing data and analytics has become more critical than ever before).  As our panelists know, technology and competition are moving fast in every industry, and without a good foundation in business intelligence, a company will fall behind.

We bring together some highlights in the form of short videos as our panelists share their expertise and practical insights, and offer roadmap to harness the full potential of data-driven decision-making.

Question One:  If you could track ONLY ONE KPI, what would it be?

It’s a tough question, but we have an answer. It was posed by our audience during the panel discussion, and it was insightful to get the take of our panelists on this interesting query.

Yes, it’s a very unlikely scenario, but our panelists were all game to provide their take on this interesting question.  (Hint: the common thread among the responses is the customer.)

Question Two:  How can a business use data to make better business decisions?

Our panelists drive home the point that data can – and should – be used to make better business decisions that lead to a positive ROI. In this clip, find out from one of our experts a real-world example of this.

Question Three: What KPIs are the most important to track? 

There are so many points of data flowing through a company each and every day.  A critical decision that business leaders must make is which data points are the most important to track in order to make better business decisions.


Question Four:  How does the adoption of AI technologies fit into the mix of KPIs?

It’s a question that is incredibly relevant today: should a company track the adoption of AI within the company as a key KPI? This top-down KPI is certainly one of the newer KPIs that companies are considering adding into their mix – but in the coming years, it is one that companies will need to address.