Strategic Planning

Private Equity Case Study



A Private Equity (PE) platform company with an intermediate strategic planning skill level recently folded in a new acquisition. The PE tapped into Empirical Consulting Solutions to conduct a 2-day strategic planning session to create one vision for the newly formed larger organization.

ECS has established an ongoing relationship with this PE firm and many of their platform companies, and customizes the strategic planning process based on the skill level of the participating portfolio company and its management.


ECS collaborated with the PE and the platform company senior leadership prior to the session to establish the platform company’s current state in regards to human capital, a financial snapshot, “Voice of the Customer”, competition, industry trends, and the marketplace landscape. These leaders then participated in the session.

The data and information were reviewed and compiled to create a current state benchmark. At the working session, the current state benchmarking was reviewed with all attendees, and strategic ideation sessions were held to draw out potential competitive advantages and operational table stakes. These were narrowed down to high-level, high-impact strategic initiatives and translated into strategic goals, objectives, and action items or the creation of the strategic plan.


The deliverables from the pre-work collaboration and the 2-day facilitated sessions included a comprehensive current state road map and a detailed strategic plan. The platform company disseminated the communication of the plan to the entire company and assigned the appropriate team members to be responsible and accountable for the execution of specific action items.

A monthly and quarterly strategic deployment team was established to ensure follow-up and execution of the strategic plan. ECS was engaged at the mid-year point to evaluate progress and course-correct, if needed. Minor course corrections were required, but the overall execution was impactful to date.

Morale improved immediately across the portfolio company as team members understood the direction and their part in achieving those goals. At the end of the year, the company exceeded top-line revenue goals by 20%, turnover was down by 30%, and the company achieved several key goals that set up their plan for the next year.

“The Empirical team effectively worked with all the key stakeholders in the strategic planning process and made the two-day session an extremely valuable exercise. Importantly, we have an action plan that notes accountability so moving forward we will take needed steps to strengthen our organization.”