Global Energy Company


Through subsidiaries, this energy company operates natural gas and electric
utilities, distributes propane both domestically and internationally,
as well as manages and engages in energy marketing locally.


A holding company in the energy sector was experiencing financial risk because of a
significant variance in inventory results for the largest company in their portfolio.

ECS was engaged to perform a diagnostic evaluation of the inventory
control process to determine the root causes impacting the significant variance.

Phase 1


ECS & Client team – development of a project charter to ensure alignment of objectives, goals,
timelines, constraints and success metrics of project, as well as, key client stakeholder(s) groups.

Phase 2

Measure & Analyze

ECS worked collaboratively with the client to identify and validate the issues facing the client’s inventory results. Utilizing Lean Six Sigma methodology and tools, ECS developed a road map which included:

Using the DMAIC process (define, measure, analyze, improve, control), ECS led a series of key stakeholder meetings, site observations, Voice of Customer sessions, stakeholder analysis and influencer strategy discussions, culminating in a multi-department brainstorming session to determine root cause and effect of the issues.

Developing recommendations for improving the inventory and control process in the following functional areas: Operations, Finance, and Supply & Logistics.


The diagnostics sessions provided key insights into the deficiencies in the inventory and control process, as well as additional organizational structure opportunities for improvement. The client engaged ECS to lead the implementation of recommendations for both the Field Operations, Finance, and Supply & Logistics projects.