Predictive Index

Predictive Index is a platform that empowers business
leaders to hire top talent, design winning teams, and manage people strategically.

Using highly validated science and technology, PI changes the trajectory of an organization.

ECS is pleased to partner with the Nast Partners and offer The Predictive Index (PI) – a platform that empowers business leaders to hire top talent, design high-performing teams, and manage people strategically.┬áThe PI Solution combines a behavioral and cognitive assessment that de-codes the human.

Predictive Index provides powerful insight to design workforce analytics and map your organization for talent optimization, efficiency, and success. This tool is not just an assessment; it is part of a philosophy that changes how companies think about talent.

The ECS team works with clients to guide every step of the way as a high-performing team is assembled – something most companies don’t know how to do. We ensure clients manage employees in a way that pushes everyone to the top of their game.

ECS and PI will help you ensure your people strategy is connected to your business strategy.

Want to learn more about PI? Bill Morrow is available to talk – or
(610) 310-6707.

We now have the right people in the right roles,
and that is having a positive impact on customer service and return visits. The Predictive Index pays for itself. 

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