Margo Michel

Known For:

Wide range of functional expertise

Data analytics

Discipline to organizational goals

Margo Michel

Sales & Operations Process

Margo has worked with a variety of start-ups over the years and is a seasoned expert when it comes to being prepared for the unexpected – and knowing how to react.

She has worked with well-funded ventures, as well as those which are lesser-funded. She dives deep into the data, analytics, and tools that ensure the smooth operations and goal-focused flow of a work team, and appreciates the applications that are most practical.

Extensive expertise in:

  • Process creation and implementation in sales & operations
  • Tool selection and creation for sales, operations, customer service
  • CRM development and problem solving
  • Report development for a range of functional areas
  • Action-driven leadership

Margo has extensive experience across a range of industries, including telecom, health care, and biotechnology. Across all types of businesses, Margo understands how vital it is to ensure information is communicated to all other entities and stakeholder within the organization. In her previous roles, her relationship-building skills and ability to lead teams has translated into tremendous results.

Margo earned a BBA from George Washington University.