Known For:

Leadership and growth acceleration

Strategic and creative thinking

Integrated marketing, sales, and operations

Manuel Collazo

Partner, Marketing & Sales

Manuel brings more than 20 years of marketing, sales, and operations leadership, leading through disruption, creating innovative solutions, and building high-functioning, successful teams.

From brand positioning to marketing & creative strategy, communications planning, and execution, Manuel has led marketing organizations with revenues of $ with an organization’s goals in mind, prioritizes what needs to be done within the marketing realm, and then develops the overall communications roadmap.

Extensive expertise in:

  • Brand positioning, architecture, and portfolio management
  • Integrated sales and marketing
  • Digital and multimedia strategy
  • New product launches

Before joining ECS, Manuel was the founder and principal of Thrive Development, an independent consulting firm. Prior to Thrive, Manuel was the CEO of CIPS Marketing Group, Inc – a national advertising & marketing services provider that also focused on marketing data, analytics, and as a logistics provider for newspapers, magazines, consumer packaged goods companies, and large advertisers around the country. In his five years with CIPS, he reinvented the company into a multi-service marketing and logistics organization and developed a team that grew the company by forty percent.

Working with the Board of Directors and ownership, Manuel helped CIPS Marketing Group go to market and be acquired.