It’s something all companies strive to achieve: operational excellence.

The key to a successful bottom line lies in operational efficiency. Where are your production bottlenecks? How much money do you have tied up in working capital? What expenses (labor, utilities, maintenance, logistics) are eating away profits?

The ECS team is highly skilled in identifying operational inefficiencies and pinpointing operational opportunities.

We work with clients across a variety of operational areas, and employ a wide variety of capabilities that range from providing project management prowess to utilizing the Lean Six Sigma approach. ECS also provides new business integration and performance management assessment to everything in between.

It may be finding ways to utilize lean manufacturing processes and reduce cost, or it might be to develop a process and plan that will transform an operational component to increase overall profitability.

It comes down to the ultimate goal of each client when deciding which path to take.

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We found the ECS "Fresh Eyes" assessment uncovered key insights
and pain points that was insightful, reinforced the need to improve our processes
and eliminate pain points at the root cause, and translated into an action plan. 

CEO Waste Management Industry