Francine Harris on Marketing Post-COVID: Dave’s World

A recent edition of Dave’s World features Francine Harris, a newer member of our team as well as one of our Directors of Marketing. ECS’s Dave Posten engages Francine in some lively discussion about communications. Watch the episode here:

Francine spends time talking about the challenges that businesses are having – and will continue to have – post-COVID. Companies must be aligned properly with digital marketing and communications.  And, Francine also touches on how she approaches strategy development around omnichannel marketing.

As she shares, it’s really about how we communicate to our audience in a really personal way and focus on the needs of customers. This is a huge opportunity to provide personalized – and unified – communications. As well, it is an opportunity to ensure that how a business interacts with companies is consistent across all your channels whether it’s the website, emails, social, etc. 

And Francine focuses on content – yes, she is a huge proponent of ensuring that compelling content is at the center of a communications strategy. “Content is king” and more than ever organizations need targeted and meaningful content to take their audience along the customer journey. And once one knows their pains and understands what is going on in their minds, you can provide them with really valuable content. 

As well, she shares that if there is anything that we’ve learned this past year: relationships really matter. 

Francine Harris, Director of Marketing
Francine Harris is a newer member of the team and has extensive experience in the technology / cybersecurity, software development, healthcare, and medical device industries. Her specialties include creating global strategic brand messaging and internal communications programs.

Before teaming with ECS, Francine served in senior marketing roles with several domestic and global companies, including IBM. Her roles have focused on branding, the development of strategic campaigns, marketing operations, digital marketing (including SEO/SEM, social media), PR, and marketing analytics and measurement.

Check out Francine’s full bio here, and be sure to connect with her via LinkedIn.

Dave Posten, Dave’s World Host and ECS Partner
Dave Posten is the host of Dave’s World. He brings a wealth of senior leadership experience from a wide range of industries to his role as host – from a strong sales and marketing background, plus an understanding of channel/distribution and outsource integration, logistics, finance, and HR. 

He is a former Vice President of Strategic Management with Acelity, a medical device manufacturer. He has held numerous VP roles during his career as part of companies related to the industries of healthcare, transportation and logistics, security, and finance. Dave is a graduate of Augustana College where he earned a BA in Business Management.

Dave would love to hear from you about questions you have, what’s on your mind from the pandemic, and your success stories. Reach out to him via email ( or connect with him on LinkedIn.