We see it time and time again – companies are missing a customer relationship management (CRM) system to effectively manage the sales pipeline and relationships with customers.

Other times, if there is a CRM system in place, often the sales team is not trained or the components of the CRM platform are not used to their full capability.

That’s where we step in to help.

We first provide a full assessment of a company’s needs, and create a written plan to document your unique sales process.  We ensure a system is customized for YOUR business needs – not someone else’s.

The CRM project team led by a sales and business expert – not by a software techie. We ensure that all users receive needed training and follow up as required.

And ECS does this all for an investment that meets your budget.  Just think – it is now possible to receive a complete CRM solution that will improve your company’s bottom line.

We make CRM easy.

Read an ECS CRM case study.

Ready to chat more about CRM? Reach out to Bill Morrow – or (610) 310-6707 and download more information about our CRM capabilities here.

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In the short time we've worked with ECS,
our sales pipeline has grown tremendously. 

VP of Sales Food & Beverage Industry