• Case Study: Marketing Focus
  • Industry: IT


ECS’s client launched a new website that was aesthetically pleasing and contained compelling and intuitive information to effectively serve as a business development and sales tool. This has translated into more qualified leads flowing into the company.


This company in the B2B IT industry approached ECS with a need to update both its messaging and positioning in the marketplace. The company had a dated website that featured complicated and technical information that simply was not fulfilling its role as a business development driver.


ECS was tasked to lead the following:

  • Assist in the development and re-launch of a website
  • Position the company and its leadership team as the industry leaders and go-to experts
  • Reorganize website flow and develop compelling content, while ensuring SEO optimization
  • Develop strategic email communications campaigns for to be used as sales tool


ECS first conducted a strategic session and gathered input from senior management, other team members, and past clients. ECS analyzed the competitive landscape and then developed the key value proposition and USP (unique selling proposition) for the client that translated into web content.


“Our website needed compelling messaging that showcases our difference in the industry.  We now have messaging that we use on all marketing collateral – it also helps our sales process immensely.”