• Case Study: Business Transformation Focus
  • Industry: Waste Management


ECS worked with the client to expand its HR team to include an HR Director, Manager and Recruiter within an 18-month time period. ECS provided a complete suite of support that included recruiting, process mapping and project work.


A waste management company enjoyed significant growth in the past 5 years due to acquisition, and now was in the need for a true HR Executive. The client engaged ECS to help understand the current employment climate, and to boost its reputation and effectiveness in all HR functional areas.


ECS was tasked to:

  • Conduct a complete HR assessment, with employee interviews, on-site visits to local facilities and review of HR policies and procedures
  • Provide a report of assessment findings with short- and long-term strategic recommendations
  • Present key findings and recommendations to Executive Team
  • Provide additional support on an as-needed basis


The ECS team thoroughly collected and reviewed need data, and conducted SWOT and stakeholder analyses. ECS then recommended HR-specific goals across the areas of communication, succession planning, HR structure, career development, compensation, and recruiting support.


“ECS was the team we could turn to in order to get the needed actionable recommendations to then implement and watch make a positive difference in our organization.”