• Case Study: CRM
  • Industry: Manufacturing


ECS delivered a complete CRM solution within the needed timeframe. After training the client team, ECS remained involved for another month to answer lingering questions. One year later, the sales team has fully adopted the new system, conversion of leads has nearly doubled, and the client enjoys visibility for strategic forecasting and planning.


A client sought a solution for their sales pipeline management issue.  Ten salespeople were all working on their own, with no tracking on activity and no ability to report results.  Other mechanisms CRM solutions had failed the company as there was never adoption of any new proposed software.


ECS was tasked to:

  • Find an intuitive, user-friendly CRM that also helped in the facilitation of day-to-day activity
  • Implement a CRM solution to match the company’s unique sales process
  • Deliver tracking and reporting to give insight into current activity as well as projected results
  • Find a robust CRM that fit within a modest budget
  • Deliver the entire new CRM solution within 4 weeks


ECS started the engagement by taking a deep dive into the sales process and understanding the various data points and the full needs of each member of the organization – which went beyond just the sales team. The client chose Pipedrive for its ease of use, robust reporting and customizable platform.


“We had so many issues finding a CRM system that worked for our team – we couldn’t find one that was straightforward and intuitive.  Then, we found ECS and they matched us with the best solution. Our sales pipeline has not only grown but also become much more productive.”