A New Perspective: Don Marks on Joining the ECS Team

Joining the ECS team at this point in my career is a natural fit for me. It is an ideal progression as I transition from my most recent position as Manager and Area Director within an international corporation – where I worked directly with small- and medium-sized businesses – to Empirical Consulting Solutions where I will again work with the same type of clients.

I learned a great deal about the tools and skill sets businesses needs while in management at Regus, the world’s largest provider of short term office space, co-working spaces, and meeting rooms. While Regus is exceptional in their ability to provide companies with the physical infrastructure required to operate, it was clear that many Regus clients truly needed more hands-on guidance and help in terms of their business functions, whether that be operations, sales, finance, marketing, logistics or HR (or all of the above!).

I achieved a great deal professionally during my career at Regus. I had several areas of responsibility: I was charged with building the business, I was challenged to assemble great teams, and I sought to both attract and then retain our clients by providing excellent service. As a result of hard work, I achieved some of the best sales and operational results, year over year, in the Northeast region of the U.S.

Another role I had as a leader at Regus – a role which provided me with knowledge which continues to serve me well – was as a management trainer for both the Philadelphia and Baltimore markets. During my 15 years in that position, I learned the value of providing the right tools to new managers from the outset, which then resulted in better management performance and significantly lower rates of attrition.

During my career, I’ve met all types of managers, seen all types of businesses, and understand the problems and opportunities of businesses across a range of industries. One common element I keep returning to – it is absolutely essential that businesses have a solid CRM (customer relationship management) system.

An admission: as a salesperson I was not initially receptive to the benefits of a CRM. I was good at what I did, and didn’t feel another tool would positively add to the mix. But it soon became apparent that a good CRM helps thoroughly manage the sales process from soup to nuts. With a solid CRM in place, no longer did I have people falling through the cracks.

When I moved to an Area Director role with responsibility for the results of approximately 20 salespeople, I fully appreciated all that a CRM can do for not only a business, but for the employees using it. The bottom line: productivity and profitability soars (pun intended).

CRM is just one tool in my toolkit. Over the years I have been able to help companies I have worked for and with achieve better results with innovative ideas and a thoughtful, forward-looking approach to problem-solving. I learned early on that my ability to work with people in all positions within a company would take me farther than most technical skills I could acquire, regardless of the industry.

And here I am today. All my accomplishments to date have prepared me to successfully work with ECS clients, and to work to find both opportunities and solutions for their businesses.
In a nutshell:
– My background in sales and sales management taught me how and why a good CRM is so very important.
– My experience as a manager and trainer has given me the ability to relate well and communicate effectively with everyone on my team.
– My goal is to provide clients with the best possible service experience they can expect and deserve – and to always work to find them the best solution available.

My career has taken me through various training and leadership positions; this means that people have always been able to look to me for advice and knowledge. I never take this role lightly, and I will continue to provide guidance and mentorship to others.

I am excited to join the tremendous team at ECS, a group with a wealth of knowledge and experience. I know I will gain as much as I give to this talented group, as the learning process never ends.

I hope you will reach out to me anytime you have a CRM-related question or challenge – I’d love to talk shop and work to find the ideal solution for your situation. I look forward to meeting and connecting with many of you in the near future!
Don Marks – Sales Process & CRM Manager – – 610-994-1139 or on LinkedIn.